The VOLUMES Archive is a collection of zines, artist books and publications, which exists thanks to the many donations we receive annually for our international open call exhibition. Taking this library as a site of investigation, we have been researching new forms for organising and understanding the paradigm of the archive. Since 2016, we have worked towards expanding specific sections of this collection. In 2015, we invited BOLO Paper to curate a selection of recent independent Italian publications (Focus on Italy). In 2016 we presented our own collection of artist books connected to the social history of Zurich at Gessnerallee (Zurich archive). In 2017, we invited artist Paloma Ayala and curator Adriana Dominguez to curate a selection of Mexican zines, posters and videos at the Helmhaus (MEXA! archive) which developed into a compilation of feminist protest hashtag and a new display in 2019 at the Kunsthalle. In 2018, with the interdisciplinary research group TETI we co-curated a selection of artist books and audio files, for their Hinterland exhibition in Corner College (Nature/City archive). This section also served as the starting point of an exhibition project with Dietikon Projektraum and TETI in 2020 (Oops a daisy! Urban management remix). In 2018, Deficit Moscow exhibited a collection of young Russian zinesters at the Kunsthalle and donated it to our archive (Russian Material). In 2018 we invited the Santiago art book fair Impresionante to showcase a history of political zines and posters from Chile at the Kunsthalle (Sin Ninguna Vergüenza). In 2019, in light of the recent Chilean protests, we invited back Impresionante, alongside historian and curator Jose Cáceres, to exhibit new posters, zines and videos (Chile Despertó). In 2020, curators Miwa Negoro, Camille Regli and Giovanna Bragaglia selected from our archive, publications connected to intersectional feminism, to be displayed within their exhibition project at OnCurating space (Inter:archive). In 2021, we received a collection of Hong Kong protest zines curated by the collective Zine Coop, which is on display at Shedhalle Zürich, alongside the work of Zheng Mahler and Tiffany Sia in the exhibition "Continuity/Transpassing (9.4. - 6.6.2021).

The VOLUMES Archive is an ongoing process and we are working on developing new curated sections and adding publications online. However, the Archive is much bigger, please get in touch with us if you would like to visit it.
Also we happily accept donations of your zines and printed matter! Feel free to mail it to us!