What was published by artists and independent publishers in 2022?

With this third book award we would like to highlight and support the production and producers of 2022 with four cash prizes of CHF 500 each.Three of which will be decided by online voters and one by the VOLUMES team, to support especially artists and publishers with small means. All of the submitted publications will be showcased online and in the award exhibition.We will invite everybody to vote for their favorite publications of 2022.

Please submit your publication before October 31!

- Each publisher/artist can only submit one book
- The publication has to be published between November 2021 and November 2022
- Each publisher/artist needs to fill out the submission form
- A copy of the publication needs to be sent to VOLUMES before October 31, 2022, we will not accept any publications sent to us on a later date. All the publications sent to us will not be returned afterwards but will become part of our growing VOLUMES archive, which gets activated through curated selections. They will also all be showcased online and will all be displayed as part of our 2022 award exhibition
- Each application needs to include a video of max. 3 min length to introduce the book. The publishers/artists are completely free in which ever way they would like to do this. The video must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo and the link must be sent to VOLUMES by email: hello@volumeszurich.ch.
- Also send by e-mail a JPG of the cover and of a double page from the publication

Please note that we will only accept submission which meet all the requirements.

Shipping Address for the book:
VOLUMES Zurich Art Publishing Days
Goldbrunnenstrasse 140
CH-8055 Zürich

We look forward to receiving your submissions!!