In the last decades, archives have been in the midst of a discussion about their accessibility and transparency. Such a debate has resulted in new challenges for the democratization of the archives. New voices need to have access to their knowledge and its production. VOLUMES has taken such challenges seriously and extended its already diverse and non-hierarchical archive to new perspectives.

Our decolonial interventions of VOLUMES Archive aims to decentre the possible (unconscious) repetition of Eurocentric centres and to extend the political agency of the archive to often marginalized voices. We interrogate the colonial legacy and neo-colonial power relations in the existing Zurich Archive’s publications. We experiment with different forms of intervention in the publications themselves to explore the possibilities of the archive as sites of political resistance and challenge to colonial imaginaries. We seek to show the potential of creative (and joyful) interventions as a decolonial tool for other actors to continue the decolonization of the archives. Please join us! In our fanzine “Decolonize Zureich”, you can read some instructions and quotes to inspire you. Furthermore, we suggest some publications to deepen the decolonial reading of historical narratives and current structures.



Decolonize Zurich is a group of creators, academics and activists who want to bring postcolonial theory into action. Theory forms the basis for our action, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and the public, theory and action. Accordingly, practice follows theory - anything from roundtables, get-togethers, cookouts, or workshops. We believe that changing the current social and political status quo requires us to invent new measures and formats: collectively, creative, and provocative.

Title Artist Publisher Dimensions Pages Year
Cover Herr Biedermeier sieht Zürich Herrmann Trachslers Bilderfolgen, Herausgegeben von Conrad Ulrich Verlag Berichthaus Zürich 185 × 230 mm 143 1969
Cover Divided we stand, together we fall Sophie Nys with Leila Peacock 245 × 175 mm 184 2017
Cover Wandern in der Stadt Zürich Ursula Bauer, Jürg Frischknecht, Marco Volken Rotpunktverlag 205 × 135 mm 325 2012
Cover Industriekultur im Kanton Zürich, Unterwegs zu 222 Schauplätzen des produktiven Schaffens Hans-Peter Bärtschli Rotpunktverlag 190 × 130 mm 299 2009
Cover Legislating Architecture Schweiz Arno Brandlhuber, Christopher Roth, Antonia Steger STUDIOLO / Edition Patrick Frey 185 × 105 mm 368 2016
Cover Amt Für Hochbauten, Kunst und Architektur Im Dialog Roderick Höng und Stadt Zürich Edition Hochparterre 185 × 105 mm 192 2013
Cover La Bateauthèque – Vers des pratiques décolonisantes Marie van Berchem Metis Presses 230 × 170 mm 144 2021
Cover Love, Raisul Raisul Tintin Homie House Press 180 × 140 mm 84 2020
Book cover with photography Can I? Giacomo Bianchetti Edition Haus am Gern 225 × 180 mm 2014
Book cover with photography and illustration Der Zürcher Sommer 1968 Angelika Linke und Joachim Scharlach Neue Zürcher Zeitung 245 × 210 mm 224 2008
Colored illustration of building Zürich-Malbuch Zürich, den 27 Zürich, den 27 225 × 165 mm 32 2016
White cover with black title Sisyphos II Seiler Sommer Seiler Sommer 175 × 110 mm 16 2010