MEXA! Collection

MEXA! is a collection of independent publications from Mexico which was commissioned by VOLUMES in 2017. Since then, the collection has been activated on different occasions, and has increasingly become a project focused on feminist content.

During the summer of 2020, MEXA! launched a collaborative website in order to collect feminist hashtags from around the world, and to share information about them. Additionally, it created a collection of hashtags for pandemic times, which were invented by the visitors of the website. 

The materials on this website are the latest activation of the MEXA! Collection. Using the hashtags for pandemic times  -which revolve around topics of feminism, eco-feminism, care-work and community- as a filter to review the collection, a selection of around 20 publications was made. Extracts of each publication have been chosen and gathered in clusters in order to address each specific topic. 

All the publications can be consulted at the VOLUMES archive. 

#Pandemic Hashtags and MEXA! Collection:
How the activation works

Hashtags under each cluster are color coded according to the information they contain:

#green - Title of publication part of MEXA! Archive
#dark green - a description of the publication 
#red - artist, author, editor, curator
#dark red - a description of red, titles of projects done by #red
#purple - #Hashtag for Pandemic Times
#brown- #Hashtag MEXA! Female Takeover
##pink - Double hashtag, an activist BOMB!
blue - hyper-link

<img source: “ “> - image quote 

<division box> - Title of cluster
<div page> - One <division box> can be divided in <div pages>