VOLUMES is a non-profit organisation and collective which was created in Zürich in 2013 to support the local and international DIY-facet of art publishing and introduce it to a larger audience in Switzerland.

Operating in various locations, the organisation’s main event is an eponymous book fair which takes place annually in Zürich at the end of November. The fair showcases the production of local and international independent publishers as well as self-editing artists who use small means of production. Exploring the creativity gravitating around the practices of independent art publishing, the event also offers to the visitor a series of experiences such as performances, workshops, talks, projections and book exhibitions.

VOLUMES is building an archive of art books and zines which are both collected and donated. The collection is showcased online and exhibited at fairs, workshops and presentations.

Contact and Credits


Email address hello@volumeszurich.ch
Instagram volumeszurich
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Art Director Anne-Laure Franchette
Publishers’ Coordinator Gloria Wismer
Fundraising & Education Manager Patrizia Mazzei


Design Badesaison