by Paloma Ayala and Adriana Domínguez


MEXA! Collection

MEXA! is a collection of independent publications from Mexico which was commissioned by VOLUMES in 2017. Since then, the collection has been activated on different occasions, and has increasingly become a project focused on feminist content.

During the summer of 2020, MEXA! launched a collaborative website in order to collect feminist hashtags from around the world, and to share information about them. Additionally, it created a collection of hashtags for pandemic times, which were invented by the visitors of the website. 

The materials on this website are the latest activation of the MEXA! Collection. Using the hashtags for pandemic times  -which revolve around topics of feminism, eco-feminism, care-work and community- as a filter to review the collection, a selection of around 20 publications was made. Extracts of each publication have been chosen and gathered in clusters in order to address each specific topic. 

All the publications can be consulted at the VOLUMES archive. 

#Pandemic Hashtags and MEXA! Collection:
How the activation works

Hashtags under each cluster are color coded according to the information they contain:

#green - Title of publication part of MEXA! Archive
#dark green - a description of the publication 
#red - artist, author, editor, curator
#dark red - a description of red, titles of projects done by #red
#purple - #Hashtag for Pandemic Times
#brown- #Hashtag MEXA! Female Takeover
##pink - Double hashtag, an activist BOMB!
blue - hyper-link

<img source: “ “> - image quote 

<division box> - Title of cluster
<div page> - One <division box> can be divided in <div pages>


MEXA was founded by Adriana Domínguez and Paloma Ayala.

Adriana Domínguezis an Art Historian and Independent Curator from Mexico, currently living and working in Zurich. She is co-founder and co-curator of la_cápsula, a curatorial platform and independent art space in Zurich that seeks to create a dialogue between the artistic and cultural production of Latin America and the Swiss/local scene. Since 2017 she has collaborated with artist Paloma Ayala to create and activate MEXA!, an archive of independent publications from Mexico, which is part of the VOLUMES Archive. Adriana graduated from Art History from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and did a MAS in Curating at ZHdK. She worked as Assistant Curator for Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, and has curated exhibitions in art spaces nad commercial galleries both in Mexico and Switzerland, including Kunstraum Walchetur, Helmhaus (as part of VOLUMES Zurich), Galerie Peter Kilchmann and Knoerle & Baettig Contemporary, She currently works for art galleries Grieder Contemporary and Galerie Wenger.

Paloma Ayala (b. 1980, Matamoros, Mexico) is a visual artist interested in empowering the relationship between domestic living strategies and political contexts. She is a diaspora mother and a mestiza daughter whose work fictionalizes historical, ecological or social problematics as means of analysis and critique. Paloma's projects nourish visions of connection between human and more than human spheres, they dream of emancipation from marginalizing dominant structures, and emphasize practices of care. Her favorite spaces to work range from kitchen to river shore, from international bridge to cropland, from community meeting to aquelarre.
Her art production takes the form of publications, videos, reading or cooking sessions and installations directed to different public, including human outside of cultural institutions.
Paloma's work is rooted in her home, the eastern US/MX border landscapes, simultaneously blooming in her current base in Zurich. She has a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Universidad de Monterrey, 2002), a Teaching Degree (Arte AC. 2003) and a Master in Fine Arts (ZHdK, 2017). She collaborates with Adriana Domínguez and VOLUMES since 2017.
Paloma Ayala



Title Artist Publisher Dimensions Pages Year
Cover Vístome palabras entretejidas Miriam Medrez tresnubes Ediciones 200 × 125 mm 44 2021
Cover Vacaciones de Trabajo Jazael Olguín Zapata Editorial Cráneo Invertido  ×  mm 2015
Cover Un hechizo sobre la sociedad acrítica Karen Reyes Karen Reyes 215 × 140 mm 20 2019
Cover Charlie Renard Charlie Renard tresnubes Ediciones 160 × 125 mm 30 2019
Cover Strata of Autonomy Sandro Brivo Rojas, Bolívar Echeverría  ×  mm
Cover Santa María Ostula: una lucha y resistencia centenarias Cooperativa Cráter Invertido 180 × 130 mm 8 2016
Cover Poesia es la politica del incosciente regia cantonera 200 × 165 mm 90 2015
Cover Perfromancia Perfromancia La Panoràmica Editorial 140 × 110 mm 12 2017
Cover Papel Espejo Futuro Moncada Forero Futuro Moncada Forero  ×  mm 108 2016
Cover Ofrendas Andrea Herrera Poblete/Gabriela Rivera Lucero 180 × 140 mm 80 2017
Cover Nos Odio - por Ricardo Velmor Anal Magazine Anal Magazine 215 × 140 mm 45 2013
Cover 978-607-9441-04-3 Futuro Moncada Vagaje Editoriial 210 × 150 mm 96 2017
Cover a colorear! José Luis Cendejas tresnubes Ediciones 220 × 155 mm 48 2015
Cover Fanzinología Mexicana 1985 - 2015 Enrique Arriaga / Inés Estrada Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 210 × 150 mm 169 2015
Cover Ezln - Engagñar a la muerte y reancer Alto a las agresiones 130 × 120 mm 26 2014
Cover Esto es un libro ilustrado o tal vez dos Pau Masiques tresnubes Ediciones 170 × 130 mm 5 2018
Cover El nido Luciano Matus tresnubes Ediciones 225 × 145 mm 49 2018
Cover El jardín Yuchi Yokoyama Cooperativa Cráter Invertido 210 × 150 mm 319 2017
Cover El cerdo José Luis Cendejas tresnubes Ediciones 210 × 170 mm 35 2015
Cover Dinero MÉNDEZ QUINTERO, ROGER OMAR Grupo España 154 × 134 mm 56 2008